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British American Tobacco Study
BAT achieves 100% success rate on search placements

DT Group Services Study
Multi-sector, multi-function searches with 100% hire success.

Imperial Tobacco Study
Candidate hired to an extremely tight budget

Kromberg & Schubert Study
100% Success rate on hard to find technical profiles for Kroschu.

Nigerian Breweries Study
Looking for bright graduates and early-career professionals with international exposure to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to their operations.

African Manufacturing & Production Recruitment

The value in Careers in Africa to recruitment for Manufacturing and Production is simple, we really know our candidates and they know us equally well. Skilled Manufacturing & Prodcution candidates around the world seek out Careers in Africa when they want to explore the professional opportunities on the continent. Our candidates’ insight underpins our work, and the closeness of our relationship keeps them with us from leadership potential to major decision maker.